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let's get down to it


You want something. Maybe it's more clients. Maybe it's different clients. Maybe you want a new website. Maybe you want to change your area of focus.


Or maybe, just maybe, you need something. Maybe you need this company that you've bled and sweat for, to represent the way you feel about it. Something isn't quite there. You know it's a titan, that it will stand the test of time and become a household standard.


Let's get it there.


With 7+ years of design experience, We can take what you feel, what you imagine your brand to be, and make it real. We want you to succeed. 


here's what we do

and what we'll do for you

You call us, we chat, you tell us a little about yourself, you give us your hopes and your dreams. We then take that information and built your band an identity system, with color palettes, logos, business cards, perhaps some social media images.

This identity will live across all forms of media, representing the best version of you and your company.

First we figure out your problem, what your needs are. You want a new website because of something. Could be jealousy, But if we look deeper it's that you want to expand your reach. I don't know, it's one of many possibilites.

We will make you a site that will fix that problem, that will make you stand out. Plus, be easy for your clients to use.

You aren't quite sure about this whole social media thing. Do people even still use MySpace?! 

We will focus on any questions or concerns that you have. Whether those are about your site, your image, or your social media presence, and then work out actionable goals for you, or someone you have to pay, to work on.

web design



Don't be afraid to give us a call, email us, we can chat, talk about prices, ideas, maybe life.

Aaron Thomas

Rough Stone 

Zack at Zetagraph has done a number of designs and logos for several crews at now two different companies I’ve worked for. His ability to create an image based on items he has no personal experience is on point. On the off chance, something isn’t the way you had envisioned it, he is quick to make changes and fine-tune the design per our requests. I highly recommend his work and I trust your experience will elicit a similar response.

cat hernandez

h Law&Realty

Wonderful, creative service! As we re-branded our office we needed something that was modern and fun, and reflected our style! He came up with great options, listened to our feedback, and together we created a beautiful new brand! This included our website, business cards, letter head, and logo! Highly recommended! Thank You Zack!

laura chiu

sharing seams

Zack was a breeze to work with when I needed a logo for my Etsy shop. I had no idea what I wanted and he showed me a handful of options. They were all great, but we were able to nail down the design and colors that looked best. I also told him that I was planning on making a stamp out of my logo so he was cognizant during the design process which made it easy to send to the stamp company. I would highly recommend Zetagraph Design Co because somehow Zack knows what you want even if you don't!

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